Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead
Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead

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These hoaxes are in no way like celebrity death hoaxes that spread misinformation, infuriating readers and fans. They are merely harmless pranks designed to elicit a reaction from those around them.

The joke “Lois Griffin died at the age of 43” went viral on social media.
If you’ve been on Twitter since yesterday, you must have come across tweets that said, “Lois Griffin died at the age of 43.”

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead

Even on TikTok, several users posted clips of themselves pranking their family members, saying that the Griffin character had passed away.

For the uninitiated, Lois is one of the main characters in Fox’s popular sitcom “Family Guy.” Voiced by actress/comedian Alex Borstein, Lois is Peter Griffin’s wife on the show. She is also the mother of Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin.

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead
Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead

In their jokes, TikTokers tell their family that Lois Griffin died at the age of 43, and record their reactions. When TikTok user Arabella alexis0 told her family, they had no idea who Lois was. “I just watched her on TV last week,” TikTok doubles down, cracking a joke.
The distraught family members immediately began searching Google for who Lois was, only to embarrassingly ask — “character?”
The tweets and Ticktocks have also led some confused Internet users to wonder if something has happened to Alex Bornstein the voice actor behind Lois’ character.

For those wondering about her well-being after the joke went viral, let’s clarify that Alex is alive and well in the year 2022.

She is extremely active on Instagram. Her latest video on the platform dates back to Christmas, Dec. 25, where she tells her fans about her holiday cameos.

Alex also recently appeared on her friend’s podcast Step Out of Line.

A look at other deadly celebrity pranks
Another joke about Lady Gaga dying at 37 recently went viral on TikTok.

One user pranked her grandmother, leaving her in shock. It was later revealed that it was just a joke. The woman’s reaction to the video caused fans to laugh in the comments.

In other celebrity death pranks, TikTokers users have joked about their family members about celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney and others.

It goes without saying that these pranks will not hurt any of the aforementioned celebrities.

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