keystone color code personality test optimistic from tiktok
keystone color code personality test optimistic from tiktok

keystone color code personality test optimistic from tiktok

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While many people dive into the depths of their personalities through their zodiac signs and birth charts, did you know you can also learn a lot about who you are with any color? One trend that has taken over at TikTok is the Ktestone Color Personality Test, which essentially says that everyone is a combination of four colors. In addition to matching you to a color aesthetic such as “ocean deep” or “navy blue,” the personality test gives a detailed analysis of your personality traits. While some colors are associated with poetic descriptions such as “the more you share your feelings with me, the better you can get to know me,” others are fun and relentless. (For example, the color “sprout ‘represents’ the lazy perfectionist” who “likes to stay home.”)

keystone color code personality test optimistic from tiktok

Although the results seem about as arbitrary as how bad is your Spotify? however, the color personality test is not a bot that produces random results. It is based on the True Colors personality profiling system created by Don Lowry in 1978. Based on personality temperament theory, this test asks 12 questions to measure your levels of blue, orange, green and gold to create a unique color combination. The two dominant colors represent the essence of your personality: green personalities are independent thinkers, gold personalities are pragmatic planners, orange personalities are action-oriented, and blue personalities are people-oriented. Interestingly, if you look at the end of the URL associated with your score, you may also see four letters (such as ESFP or INTJ) that apparently link your Ktestone color personality test score to one of the 16 possible results of the popular Meyers-Briggs personality test.

keystone color code personality test optimistic from tiktok
keystone color code personality test optimistic from tiktok

So, where can you take the Ktestone color personality test and how are their color characteristics determined? If you’re anything like me and unsuccessfully heading straight to the TikTok comments section, we can help you.

How to take the color personality test at TikTok

You can take the color personality test at (a Korean quiz website), where you’ll be asked to answer a series of questions ranging from friendship dynamics to how you’re preparing for your trip. By answering all, you’ll see your results and get detailed (and sometimes cheeky) information about your own color, as well as what other colors you’re most compatible with.

Want to know what color your hair is? Get ready to roast (it’s all fun!) and don’t forget to add your results under the hashtag #PersonalColorAnalysis on TikTok to find your color twins!

Your color personality: “possessing a positive, optimistic energy full of excitement.”
People with a bright pink personality can be “witty, intelligent, open-minded and fashionable,” and although you “pretend to be docile,” you are in fact a secret leader, according to the Ktestone Color Personality Test. It’s not all roses, however. Under the slogan ” watch out!” the color personality test section states that you may have, among other things, a ” fragile mentality “and” you can’t stand to lose. You will get along well with people who want to spend a lot of time with you and with people who “actively express their heart.”

Vanilla Ice Cream.

Your personality of color: “a popular person in tears who hates loneliness the most.”As a person of color specializing in vanilla ice cream, you have terrific style but “a lot of worries,” according to the Ktestone Color Personality Test. You may be” good at social life,” show great empathy for others and be a natural leader, but you are prone to many “emotional ups and downs. “Seek stable relationships with people who care about you well, are polite and friendly.” sweet.


Your color personality: a “stubborn” person who “looks cold” but subconsciously cares well for others.According to the color personality test, Quartz personalities find time to socialize with people, like to be alone and can be a bit insensitive. At the same time, you are a detailed planner and a perfectionist. Thus, you may “like to interpret things from different perspectives” and “be very good with money.” even if you try to avoid group activities, chances are you’ll find yourself on the cutting edge once you immerse yourself.

Alyssa Blue.

Your color personality: someone who “looks cold on the outside but [inside] is very warm.”According to the Ktestone Color Personality Test, Alice Blue can be quiet and withdrawn, but at the same time loves attention and “dancing and singing.” You are also likely to be “friendly and kind to everyone” while also being sensitive and intelligent. This precision can make you a “cautious perfectionist” who tries to carefully analyze a situation before acting. If someone doesn’t respect you, you are also likely to cut them off. (Bravo for having boundaries!)

Ocean Bay

Your Colored Personality: “a perfectionist who thinks about many secondary things and [is] lazy [in] everything, but sometimes shows himself [with] passion.

Ocean Bay personalities will try to figure things out for themselves because they hate being relied on and also don’t like to rely on others, according to the Ktestone test. You may be prone to narcissism, low self-esteem and a gloomy outlook, but things get better when you can relate to someone with whom you have a ‘good emotional connection’ or a ‘good sense of humor. ‘ It’s just important that they make you feel special.


Your color personality: “[] an active but shy person with lots of emotional ups and downs.”According to the ktestone color personality test, dandelion personalities are free-spirited, “conversation-loving” people who are on the go and present a “fine specimen of charm.” However, this character can also mean that you get distracted and don’t finish what you start. Surround yourself with people who will support and understand you-after all, you probably hate being isolated, but you also hate it when people speak out against you.

Hot Flame.

Your color personality: “go [your] own way without any help.”Fiercely independent and unafraid to speak your mind, warm flame personalities can’t stand any nonsense. As the Ktestone color personality test says, “I clearly distinguish between those I like and those I dislike. “You will probably live your life the way you want to live it, and you won’t have much stress as a result. However, your dark side is that you may be a little stubborn or “strong in pride.” your best choice? Stay with people who sympathize with you and communicate well.Touch:

Sea Fiona.

Your color personality: “a bulldozer full of passion who hates hurting others the most.”Marin Fioni, you are so concerned about hurting others that you are willing to take on all the work yourself, According to the color personality test. This may seem burdensome, but you seem to find purpose in it: your life is “always busy,” but it’s easy because you “never do anything that [you] don’t like.” apparently, you also have charisma and sex appeal to boot. However, be careful not to ignore others who may not be as harsh as you are, and consider working on your ability to take criticism.


Your personality of color: “gentle, sincere and good support.”According to Ktestone, like sand in color and similarity, oasis personality color types have an appearance that changes depending on the situation. You can be withdrawn and easily taken in by the emotions of others, which can aggravate you, but can also make you a “caring king. “Casual love affairs are none of your business, although you may have difficulty saying no to others. Look for someone “sincere and intelligent” who, above all, will make you feel comfortable.


your personality of color: “a fair talker who likes people.”According to the Ktestone color Personality test, whether they write or talk, Doheny’s color personalities have “an excellent ability to excite people with words.” This creative talent may mean that you are a little more emotional than logical, and even if you “want to be perfect,” it is likely that you are a “mess. ” you make up for it by being positive and upbeat above all else, and making fast friends-just be careful with that. don’t always put others first. (Say it with me: take care of yourself!)

Periglacial Blue.

Your color personality: “you seem like an excellent student who is always doing something.Although you seem generally calm and judicious, you probably have a hidden, periglacial-blue side. However, this is usually covered by your tendency to follow rules and fulfill your responsibilities. Thus, you are not attracted to people who are overly emotional, too loud, or don’t keep their promises. Don’t worry about being social by obligation – stay with polite people who have good character and (most importantly) have the same sense of responsibility.


Your color personality: “you are realistic “and possess the qualities of a “strong leader.One thing is for sure, Cactus: you know what you like and what you don’t like, and you’re not afraid to say it – at least according to the Ktestone color personality test. Even if you “may not like being a leader,” you are good at it because you are quick to notice things, analyze, and speak up well. Spontaneity may be one of your least favorite things, but try to be a little more flexible in your projects-perhaps you could learn something new, which seems to be one of your favorite things.

Ocean depths.

your personality of color: “the spontaneous style of the engineering student-outsider who silently does all his work.”Congratulations, ocean depths, you know how to define boundaries. When there is something you want to do, you do it as best you can; and on the other hand, if it doesn’t interest you, you may not even bother trying it. You may find it difficult to communicate with emotional people because your communication style is so straightforward that it seems almost “mechanical,” but you will appreciate someone else who is honest and not shy (since you probably won’t make the first move yourself).


Your color personality: the “lazy perfectionist” who “likes to stay home.”Give yourself more credit, sprite. According to the color personality test, you don’t think you’re good, but others do. You are good at perceiving other people’s needs, and so people instantly feel comfortable around you. However, you may also have difficulty with motivation and any conflict-in fact, Ktestone calls you “the king of lazy kings. “Stay with people who share the same values and kindness, and you will open your heart.Touch:


Your Colored Personality: “a popular [person] who acts rather than thinks.””Weak to temptation,” spontaneous, free and confident, you-life of the party, rosebud. However, these good-time vibes can make you procrastinate and mean you may lack a filter for self-expression. You hate a serious atmosphere and when someone tries to take away your independence. Strive to communicate with those who are also flexible and dodgy.


Your personality of color: “a quiet genius, but sometimes angry and lazy.”Quiet, calm and mysterious, Serulian personalities (yes, like “cerulean,” but spelled differently) are happy in solitude and can be very sensitive under the surface. Your label of “lazy genius” stems from the fact that you put off things you need to do, but once you start them, you finish them easily. You may lack empathy or you may not care much for others, but at the same time you are not the type to hurt anyone. As for your relationships with others, you won’t text or call unless absolutely necessary, but that doesn’t mean you don’t

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